Workshop: Demystifying the Chakras

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Demystifying the Chakras

A Journey Through the Energy Centres

Ever heard teachers talk in class about the chakras and wondered what they were all about? Join Vanessa Joy for this experiential workshop to learn more.

We’re excited by your upcoming workshop on the chakras, tell us a little about chakras & the chakra system:
Chakras are key energetic points within the body. There are believed to be over 100 within the human body as a whole but there are 7 main chakras poised over the spinal column that are most commonly referred to in classes.  Each chakra has a series of qualities related to it which reflect our experience within life. For example, the root chakra is our foundation, and so relates to our feelings of stability and groundeness. A person for whom this chakra is out of balance may experience an inability to ground, maintain routine etc, or conversely, may feel too sedantry and find it difficult energising. 


The 7 main chakras form a journey up the spinal column from root to crown and can be thought of as an ascent from the dense physical existence to spiritual realization: 
1. Root Chakra, our foundation and being grounded
2. Sacral Chakra, our connection and ability to accept others and experiences
3. Solar Plexus, confidence, self esteem and control  
4. Heart Chakra, our ability to love and be loved
5. Throat Chakra, communication and our truth
6. Third Eye, to focus, dream and see the bigger picture
7. Crown Chakra, to connect spiritually

How do the chakras relate to a yoga practice?
Moving through a traditional Vinyasa Flow sequence, we already honour the practice of working from the Root Chakra (Standing Poses, Grounding and Foundations) all the way to the Crown (Inversions). Whether we acknowledge it or not, the chakras are benefiting from the alignment, breath awareness and physical practice of asana that inherently seeks wholeness. Powerful shifts can happen when we bring them to light and start working with them consciously.

How has practising within the chakra framework helped you in your own life?
After practicing asana for some time I was intrigued how there were shifts occurring within me that were more than just greater flexibility and strength. Learning about our energetic body and the chakra system gave me a framework to reflect and understand how I was relating to myself, my relationships and my environment. Practice became less about the physical and more about aligning myself, with myself. It was then my yoga journey started to move off the mat.

What can people expect from the workshop on the 3rd March?
I wanted to create something to deepen people's understanding of the chakras that was accessible and help people relate what is happening on the yoga mat to the bigger picture of their own life experiences . We will open with some Yin poses, a chance to settle and learn about the energy body and then begin to build our Vinyasa practice working methodically through all 7 chakras, from root to crown. We will reflect on the physicality of asana, use breath to bring awareness to these areas energetically and summon experiences we’ve had in our own lives to develop a relationship with each of these energetic centres mentally. Finishing in an extended Savasana we’ll move through a guided meditation with our renewed understanding of the chakras.


Is there a particular chakra you enjoy working with or teaching?
Muladhara (Root) is a chakra I could always work with and teach on. We all need a little more grounding, security and stability amongst busy city life.

Tell us a little about your yoga journey - what brought you to the practise and what keeps you coming back?
I originally started practicing to get in the good books of a boss that didn’t like me, and was an avid Ashtangi! Like most of what I did then, it was for someone else. Although I didn’t ‘enjoy’ the practice at first, there was no denying I was a completely different person afterwards and had NEVER felt so centred, calm and me, so I had to keep following its breadcrumbs and fell down the rabbit hole. Its a journey that has connected me back to my body, understand my emotional landscape and presents a philosophy I can absolutely resonate with. I am helpless now to share it with anyone that stumbles across my path.

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Demystifying the Chakras: A Journey Through the Energy Centres
Saturday 3rd March, 3:30-5:30pm, £20 Members, £25 non-members